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Did you know that there over 100,000 international immigrants living in the Nashville area? Together, they represent over 120 different countries. That’s a lot of diversity!

There is an eager explorer inside us all that yearns to experience that diversity, that seeks the unknown. That bright, adventurous yearning is what motivates us to travel to far away places, to experience new cultures, new ways of life. If you live in such a diverse, blossoming city like Nashville, then you might not have to travel as far as you think to get that same experience. There are literally thousands of pockets of other worlds in your city, in your community, probably even in your neighborhood that are ripe for exploring!

The only thing from stopping you from being a seasoned “local-global” traveller is social rules. You can’t just knock on a Croatian family’s door with the hopes of them inviting you in, sharing their culture, and if you’re lucky, letting you stay for dinner. That’s just a little too weird even for the bravest explorer.


But let’s just say, hypothetically, this trend catches on. Everyone’s knocking on these international families’ doors, getting invited in and staying for dinner. Sounds lovely! However, there’s no way these families can afford to feed extra mouths every night, and you can forget trying to pay a family for a homemade meal. That’s a social rule that will not be broken for a long time.


What’s an adventurous spirit to do in all this social red tape? There are thousands of new worlds to explore just past your doorstep, but they’re left untouched just because of some silly social rules.

This conundrum was a little too absurd for the 4 co-founders behind Gigamunch, a new food startup in Nashville. They work with these international families to get their authentic home-cooking delivered to your dinner table. They create a culture guide to go with the dinner for you can explore the culture behind the dinner, the cook, and the country. They even make a playlist for each culture so you can fully immerse yourself in that culture while you eat dinner!


laura shawn

Every Monday night, you get a new culture delivered to you in the form of a ready-to-eat, homemade meal. I tried it last Monday, not knowing exactly what to expect, and I absolutely loved it! My daughter and I played the music, had an amazing Bosnian dinner, and learned about Bosnian culture. It was a magical bonding moment, experiencing something fun and new together, all while broadening our worldviews.

jeremy-daughter-2 jeremy-daughter

I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to end Mondays. Dinner is solved – no cooking, no cleaning, no shopping, and I get to explore a new culture every week with my daughter! It was such a fresh and new experience, you really do just have to try it. You even get your first dinner free! Check it out so you don’t end up like a weirdo knocking on strangers’ doors!


Author: Jeremy Rivera

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